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Supplementary schools can then go on to obtain a nationally recognised quality mark the Quality Framework Award for Supplementary Schools. Obtaining a Quality Framework Award requires evidence that the Code of Practice is met and at least one visit of the school in action by a registered quality assurance mentor. The mentor will provide a witness statement detailing practice in governance, management, teaching and partnership. The mentor will also provide a detailed recommendation of how the school can progress towards a Silver or Gold Quality Framework Award.

Quality assured supplementary schools can have their details included our searchable directory of supplementary schools. From 1st September 2016, the directory will only show supplementary schools that have registered with us their commitment to providing a safe and effective learning environment and have completed nationally recognised quality assurance (eg. Quality Framework, QiSS, Charities Evaluation Service, Ofsted).

A quality-assured entry on the directory shows funders, parents and mainstream schools that you are contributing to pupil achievement and strengthening local communities.

The National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education is a charity providing quality assurance and training for supplementary schools, Saturday schools,  after-school projects, mother-tongue classes, complementary schools and individuals developing out-of-school-hours educational support for children.
If you would like to speak to someone about any aspect of the Quality Framework , or if you need help with filling in your application form, please call us on 020 7697 4027.