Management and governance courses

The NRCSE can provide training anywhere in England. For local authorities and/or groups of supplementary schools we have combined our governance and quality assurance courses into a package which is offered over 3-days. These days can be consecutive, over a month or term, or even spread out over three terms.

Managing your supplementary school/out of school activity safely and effectively

The purpose of this three-day course is to help supplementary schools (teaching core-curriculum, language, faith or a combination of these) to prepare a School Management Pack consisting of

  • A Welcome Pack for Parents
  • Staff and Volunteer Handbook
  • Management Committee Guide
  • Safeguarding Policies and Procedures for all

All schools completing the course and their own school management documents will be eligible for a school visit to assess the quality of their provision.

Full course for 6-10 schools (10-20 individual participants) – £1,350 (3 days @£450 per day, incl. school visits on course completion for all schools having completed their management pack and seeking to receive a Quality Framework Award)

Get in touch for more information or to book.

Open training

We offer each of the courses below on a termly basis in London but we are happy to work with you to organise training to meet local need in your county or borough. We are often able to identify additional supplementary schools who would like to take part in a training course in your area and this can help lower the cost to the school/agency booking on-site training.

Please get in touch with us by email: or by telephone: 020 7697 4055 to discuss your training needs.

To secure your place, go to the training section in our online shop (or you can download and return a booking form if you prefer).

Development and management of supplementary schools

This workshop offers practical tools and advice on how to start up and develop a supplementary school. You will learn about what is needed to open a supplementary school, and be able to use this in planning and decision making for future developments. This course is also an excellent ‘update session’ for small supplementary schools that are expanding.
Next date: Sunday 27 April 2017 @Resource for London go to the training section in our online shop to book your place

Fundraising/Funding applications made easy (FAME)

This course will take you through the steps of making a great funding application, including project development, evidencing need, outcomes and outputs.
Next date: 29 March 2017 @Resource for London go to the training section in our online shop to book your place.

Safeguarding for supplementary schools

This course provides practical tools and knowledge about safeguarding. It includes a very practical Safe Network resource pack and DVD, and guidance on how to apply the Safe Network standards to your school. This is a general safeguarding course for staff and management committee members. Your designated safeguarding lead person must still attend child protection training with your local safeguarding children board.
Next date: 22 February 2017 @Resource for London go to the training section in our online shop to book your place

Introduction to the Quality Framework

All our courses are designed with the Quality Framework (QF) in mind and can help you meet the QF standards. However, if you require a session that is specific to the QF, the following bitesize or full-day training courses can be booked by clusters of supplementary schools, school networks and local authorities:

Quality Framework: the basics
Two-hour twilight session, giving an overview of the Quality Framework and focusing on preparing the Bronze Management File.
Next date: 25 April 2017 @Resource for London go to the training section in our online shop to book your place

An introduction to the Quality Framework
A full day’s training, covering the Bronze Management File requirements and using the self-evaluation tools to determine whether your school is ready for Silver or Gold level.
Next date: please get in touch with us via to book this course.

Quality Framework mentor training

We run two-day training for individuals who want to support supplementary schools as mentors. We also offer peer-to-peer mentor training for clusters of supplementary schools who would like to support each other to obtain Quality Framework Awards. A registered mentor will still be needed to prepare the Quality Framework Witness Statement and Recommendation. Visit the mentor page to find out more.