Volunteer Week 2017

Why volunteer? Find out from our Volunteer Mentors!

Thanks to grant from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education developed a 3-year project working with mainstream school teachers as volunteer mentors providing additional support to supplementary schools to develop their teaching practice and achieve the higher Quality Framework Awards.

Thank you to all our fantastic NRCSE Volunteer Mentors:



Katy, Amy and Anna in Leeds and Justyna in Bradford!
Agnieszka, Sunday, Bernice, Josh and Panos in Luton!Luton volunteer mentors




Listen to Sandra, Andre, Bogumil and John in Liverpool, volunteering for two years now, and having supported six supplementary schools to Silver and Gold Quality Framework achievement!

And while we’re thanking those who volunteer to support NRCSE and supplementary education…
Away Day 2017

Thanks to Stephen from the IT charity CITA for helping us to sort out our interconnectivity; thanks also to Farzaneh who has been volunteering at the London office for many months; to our trustees: Joy, David, Ornette, Elzbieta, Anna, Katja, Firinne and Luljeta who give so much wisdom and expertise to help NRCSE keep running and growing, to Claire and Shabita who had to resign as trustees this term but have been stalwarts in their support.


Thank yNAGQF_1ou to the Advisory Group of supplementary school founders and stalwarts who have helped us to check that the work we do is useful to supplementary schools as we all change and times change too.



LCST celebration photoA massive thanks to all the community members, parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents, big brothers and sisters, former pupils who help out in supplementary schools each weekend. You are amazing!

And of course all the wonderful children and young people who volunteer to attend extra hours of school so they can learn about their heritage, become proficient in another language, improve their maths and English skills. You are the reason everybody else is volunteering, you are the future!



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