New look Quality Framework certificates



Supplementary schools in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Oldham, Leicester, Nottingham and London are the first to receive the new Quality Framework certificates.

The new certificates include our brand new NRCSE logo which has been carefully designed to reflect the importance that we and all our members place on the delivery of quality assured, safe and effective education.

The delivery of quality supplementary education is nothing new for many supplementary schools around the country. But what is new is that we are working with renewed vigour to promote that message and ensure that statutory agencies, parents, mainstream schools, government all realise that there is excellent community-led tuition out there.

Supplementary schools (AKA Complementary or Saturday schools) deliver a wide range of subjects within a community context. The range of subjects offered in supplementary schools is vast, from:

  • maths to Mandarin,
  • literacy to Lithuanian,
  • Spanish to sports,
  • Science to Somali,
  • study of faith and study of heritage and culture.

So as well as supporting the pupils in their academic attainment supplementary schools help children and young people build their confidence in who they are, where they come from and what they can achieve.

To go far you need to know where you are from

What is supplementary education?

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