Teaching and learning courses

The NRCSE can provide training anywhere in England. We offer each of the courses below on a termly basis in London but we are happy to work with you to organise training to meet local need in your county or borough. We are often able to identify additional supplementary schools who would like to take part in a training course in your area and this can help lower the cost to the school/agency booking on-site training.
Please get in touch with us by email: nrc@supplementaryeducation.org.uk or by telephone: 020 7697 4055 to discuss your training needs.

We have developed several of our training courses for teachers to give learners the option of taking them as accredited courses and working towards the Level 3 ‘Certificate in teaching in the supplementary education sector’. For information about external accreditation please contact us or go to the OCN training page.

Special educational needs (2 credits)

Explore the key issues affecting young people with special educational needs (SEN). Use case studies to examine the practical implications of government legislation and SEN policies, and become equipped with practical strategies for supporting children with SEN in schools.

Maintaining a safe environment (1 credit)

Understand the safety requirements in a supplementary school and how to develop codes of conduct, behaviour management techniques and strategies to prevent bullying. The course provides an overview of legislation and policy on safe practice in supplementary schools, as well as advice on child protection procedures and how to make the most of the training and support available from your Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Introduction to the education system in England

Learn to plan your teaching and its delivery so that it is attuned to the wider context of the education system in England and the key stages within the national curriculum. Fully updated in 2013 in line with the new curriculum.

Recording pupils’ progress and achievement

Learn strategies and techniques that are constructive and efficient. Explore ways to monitor and record children’s progress and achievement, so that you can plan with their needs and strengths in mind.

Effective lesson planning and choosing the right resources

Get practical guidance and activities to make your lessons more enjoyable. Gain a clear understanding of how lesson planning benefits you, as well as your pupils. Easy-to-use planning models will be explained, giving you the ability to adapt plans effectively for your own teaching circumstances.

Behaviour strategies and classroom management

Classroom management is crucial for a positive learning environment. It makes teaching and learning much more satisfying for both the teacher and the pupil. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to look closely at the various aspects of classroom management and how these can be used to foster constructive learning conditions.